Benefits Of Using Instagram Hashtags In 2023

Do you make use of Instagram’s hashtag function? Want to know how to monitor the success of your hashtags?

This article will teach you how to study and track hashtags on Instagram.

Instagram Hashtags: Four Benefits for Marketers

Let’s start from the ground up. The “#” symbol before a word or phrase defines it as a hashtag. Hashtags are clickable on social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram takes users to the relevant hashtag page when they tap or click on them.

But if you’re not completely green to Instagram marketing, you realise that hashtags are useful for more than just directing users to certain web sites. There are immediate and long-term benefits to using hashtags for everything from discovery to promotion. More information on hashtags and why you should use them is provided below.

Boost Research

The following is an example of what a hashtag search on Instagram looks like: #instagrammarketingtips. The most engaging entries are featured on the hashtag pages of the mobile app. Next to that, you’ll find the Reels tab, which features related short videos, and the Recent tab, which displays information in reverse chronological order.
Instagram posts that make use of hashtags are shown on dedicated hashtag pages. That is to say, your brand and content will be easily discoverable when customers search for the hashtags you utilise.

Boost Influence

The #instagrammarketingtips page exemplifies the presence of a Follow button on a hashtag page. If you want to see posts that include a specific hashtag in your feed, just click or touch the “follow” button next to the hashtag you’re interested in.

You can get your brand’s material in front of people who don’t yet follow your brand if you use hashtags that a large number of people also follow. As a result, hashtags are useful for making connections and gaining exposure.

Set the scene

There is plenty of room to get your point across regardless of the form your Instagram material takes. While Stories and Reels provide sufficient room for text overlays and voiceovers, Feed postings are limited to a maximum of 2,200 characters for captions.

Still, it may be difficult to pin down precisely what your material is about, despite all the possibilities. You may inform the algorithm when it’s the right time to send your material to feeds and provide more context for users by using hashtags.

Boost Marketing Efforts

Hashtags are great for marketing campaigns and also for adding context. You may monitor all the content that is shared in relation to a certain campaign by using a hashtag that is specific to that campaign.

Campaign hashtags are crucial if you’re holding a contest or collecting UGC. Users can easily participate in your contest or submit user-generated material by include your brand’s hashtag in their post.

Finding the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

It’s crucial to make each hashtag count, whether you’re using the suggested number or trying something new. Let’s examine some methods and resources for locating the most appropriate hashtags for your posts.

Checking Instagram Tags

If you know what you’re searching for, finding hashtags on Instagram is as easy as using the programme itself. Simply enter any word or phrase and the app will tell you how often it has been used as a hashtag. Consider abandoning the use of a low-traffic hashtag in favour of one that has been used more frequently.

Instagram gives you information on multiple related hashtags in addition to the one you looked for. These suggestions can either be used in place of or in addition to your current hashtags.

Proper Hashtag Placement

Hashtags can be used on Instagram for any material. This is where they usually work best.
Hashtags can be used in both still picture and video feed posts wherever regular hyperlinks are allowed. That is to say, add them to the caption but not the image or video itself. Although hashtags can be used within the caption, doing so may not provide the best reading experience for your followers.

Because of this, they should often be included towards the conclusion of the caption, on a line below the main text. You can make the caption more aesthetically pleasing and legible by inserting a line break between the hashtags or by using symbols or emojis to visually divide them.

Tracking the Success of Instagram Hashtags

To create a successful Instagram hashtag strategy, you need to know which ones are contributing to your success and which are just taking up space. Let’s take a look at both built-in and external aids.

Data Mining on Instagram

You can see how many people your hashtags reached in both Instagram Insights and Creator Studio Insights. Hashtag impressions per post are tracked in both apps. Multiple hashtags in a single post make it impossible to determine which ones were more effective.

Independent Data Analysis

A third-party hashtag tracking tool or social media scheduling dashboard is required for more specific detail. These applications sync with your Instagram account to track likes, comments, and other engagement metrics across all of your posts and hashtags.
Four Tips to Boost Your Instagram Hashtag Game

Keep these guidelines in mind when you create your Instagram hashtag strategy.

Vary Your Hashtag Use

Hashtag research can be time-consuming, so it’s easy to recycle the same ones. However, posting repetitive captions or comments is against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

The network generally won’t remove accounts for utilising lists of hashtags too often, but your organic reach may suffer as a result. If you want to get the most out of your hashtags, switching up your usual strategy is essential.

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