Everything You Need To Know: Instagram TV(IGTV)

One of Instagram’s more complex features, IGTV (Instagram TV), debuted the same year. With this feature, Instagram has positioned itself as a serious rival to YouTube in the realm of video creation and distribution.

Brands may boost social media presence and video marketing content using Instagram TV. What is IGTV? How does it function? How can brands and content producers benefit from it? All of these questions and more will be answered in this post.

Instagram TV: What Is It?

Instagram TV is a TV channel-like feature where users may watch videos uploaded by other users. The Instagram app itself (through the TV icon next to DMs in the top right) and the dedicated IGTV app both provide access.

Before, users could only share videos that were no longer than 15 or 60 seconds in length in their own feeds and stories. With Instagram TV, users may now upload movies up to an hour in length, while verified accounts and those with a significant number of followers can upload videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Videos uploaded to IGTV, in contrast to those posted to Stories, will be accessible to viewers indefinitely. Additionally, IGTV does not offer any live-streaming capabilities. These movies were recorded and edited ahead of time.
Full-screen videos often play in a vertical orientation (which is more conducive to mobile devices) but both orientations are supported. In contrast to YouTube, videos on IGTV begin playing as soon as you click the IGTV button or open the IGTV app. Users may still like and comment on videos just like they can on regular Instagram posts, and the view count remains displayed.

With Instagram TV, you can view videos from accounts you currently follow, as well as find new channels to follow. There are four primary sections inside the app itself:

  • For You: Recommendations tailored to each individual’s tastes.
  • This is a playlist of videos posted by accounts you already follow.
  • Videos that receive a lot of likes and comments on IGTV are considered popular.
  • Continue Watching: Videos the user paused in the middle of watching. Since videos often have a high dropout rate, this is a clever tactic to encourage complete viewing.

How does IGTV function?

Instagram makes it easy to create a TV station and share videos. The only things you need to accomplish are:

Download the Instagram or Instagram TV app if you haven’t already and sign up for an account.
To start a new channel, select the gear icon and then “Create Channel”
To share a video, open Instagram, find the DM button in the upper right corner, and then click the TV symbol next to it.
Pick a video that you have already shot on your mobile device (keep in mind that it must be in portrait format).
Put in a heading, some text, and a link to another site. If you’re using IGTV to promote your business, you need to give this area lots of attention if you want people to find you and click through to your page.
Make a video thumbnail to showcase your work. You’ll have more visual control over your channel in this method.
Just press “publish,” and you’ll be finished.

Instagram TV Ads

Instagram TV isn’t quite as good as YouTube as of yet. Even so, it’s a fascinating supplement to the rest of your content promotion.

Due to the vertical nature of IGTV Videos, content already made for other platforms, such as YouTube, cannot be directly imported. However, IGTV allows users to upload movies in a horizontal orientation. In case you were wondering, the thumbnail will still be vertical even if you publish a horizontal video. If you’re going to utilise the same material in both your vertical and horizontal IGTV movies, you should probably think of some new material. Videos uploaded to IGTV can be more laid-back than those uploaded to YouTube because of the platform’s focus on mobile viewing.

Marketing using IGTV Videos

What Really Happened Videos: Show your visitors how things really work in your company or how an event or product launch is prepared. You may compile many short videos into a longer one.
New product unveilings and teasers: Users may be enticed to subscribe to your IGTV channel if you regularly upload engaging, original video to it.
You may also incentivize people to watch your IGTV by offering discounts and special deals.
Interviews: It’s a good idea to do interviews with a variety of people: employees, industry leaders, and celebrities who are associated with your brand.
Since you’re no longer restricted to a 60-second film, consider posting videos that explain the story of your brand or otherwise improve the public’s impression of your company.
Similar to YouTube, search engine optimisation is essential for IGTV. Consider trending hashtags and relevant phrases and work them into the post’s title and description. Also, make use of the link section to send them to your site, your business, or other relevant locations on the web.

There are no ways for content producers or marketers to make money on IGTV at this time. It would be surprising if this feature didn’t arrive soon, though, if demand keeps rising. Regardless, it’s a promising plan to expand your company’s name recognition and strengthen relationships with consumers. I recommend giving this function a shot to see what kind of impact it has on your brand.

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