Brands Get More Than 50k TikTok Followers: How To Do It?

Cue the horns, 50k is the official number of TikTok fans that Later has gained.

About a year and a half ago, we introduced the Later TikTok account to the world, and let us tell you: it has been an exciting journey.

Lip dubbing. A green screen. Songs of the sea. One of the founder’s newborns becomes the focus of a fashion trend based on the Nirvana album. We have literally done it all.

Contrary to popular belief, not everything has gone swimmingly or grown exponentially.

It’s not all success stories and viral hits; we’ve also had videos with less than 400 views, endless audio problems, and (speaking from experience) a serious case of lip sync fatigue.

PS: This is Lindsay writing. If my unfinished Later TikTok videos ever go public, I will delete my account and never return.

Step One: Read the Instructions

Upon Later’s introduction to TikTok, we realised that the carefully curated Instagram universe wouldn’t work.

TikTok was a completely new (and younger) audience for us, so it took some trial and error to figure out what to post. However, with fewer filters and more rapidly shifting trends, we knew we needed to post content that felt authentic.

All right, a lot of blunders.

At first, we filmed material that would be of interest to a wide variety of influencers, business owners, and social media managers.

To narrow our focus, we looked at who was responding to our posts and found that social media managers were our primary demographic. Majorly.
Our shared experiences, familiarity with their pain points, and understanding of their passions made this a natural fit for us to offer assistance by describing the benefits of Later’s social media scheduling features.

Success on TikTok relies heavily on knowing your audience and what they want to see.

If you get this right, it means you fully grasped the task.

Two, Relax and Try New Things

TikTok encourages users to explore and experiment with new forms of media.

Learning what resonates with the TikTok audience requires trial and error, but it’s worth the effort.

It took almost 40 videos for Duolingo, a brand with over 3 million followers, to have a viral hit.

As a company, we’ve found that when announcing new product features, jumping on short, entertaining audio trends is more effective than a long, detailed video. They are enticed to click the link in our bio after watching a short “teaser” video.
However, longer tutorials (over 60 seconds) often perform best when we’re sharing a tutorial or hack.

That’s probably due to the fact that our users can pick up a brand-new tip in under a minute, all without leaving the app.

But since no two brands are alike, it’s crucial to let loose and try new things when developing marketing materials.

Managing by Consistency Principle No. 3

This may be the most cliched piece of advice ever given for social media marketing, but it’s also the most important.

The social media team at our company began publishing content regularly on weekdays in July 2021. We saw results quickly, especially in terms of new followers, after only a few weeks of work.
Our fan base has increased by more than 100 percent in just the past two months, and, dare I say it? Daily video sharing is a lot of fun.

4: Make some new TikTok pals

Creating a fan base for your business is crucial for interaction, and it also helps new viewers get a feel for our page.

We discovered the value of a strong network of supporters as we worked to expand the Later TikTok account. That is to say, it’s time to track down your closest pals.

When looking for content creators to follow, engage with, and potentially collaborate with, we frequently use search terms like “social media tips” and “social media manager.”

For your TikTok ranking, every single one of your followers’ likes, comments, and video views counts. A vibrant fan base will do wonders for your company’s reputation.

5. Put a unique twist on the latest fads

Tackling the never-ending task of staying abreast of the latest TikTok trends can feel like an uphill battle, but when properly leveraged, they can provide a powerful boost to your content strategy.

Later uses popular culture in two distinct ways: to advertise our newest scheduling options and to foster a sense of camaraderie among our users.

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