The Complete Guide: How To Repost On TikTok?

One of the most widely used social media sites, TikTok, is constantly updating its offering to keep its users interested. Now, a new “Repost” button has been added to the platform.

TikTok has a “repost” button, but what exactly does that mean? Where can I find the TikTok share button? TikTok’s unreposting functionality needs improvement. And how do you access TikTok reposts?

Part 1 When using TikTok, where do you find the Repost button?

Since there was no official way to repost videos on TikTok before, users had to download the video and then re-upload it, which could sometimes result in a copyright warning.

TikTok’s new repost feature makes it possible for users to freely distribute the work of others within the app.

To share content with your followers while giving proper credit to the original creator, you can use the “Repost” button on TikTok, which appears to function similarly to Twitter’s “Retweet” feature. Unlike a retweet on Twitter, however, a TikTok repost will only distribute the original video to your friends’ For You feeds rather than your own profile.

TikTok Reposting, Part 2

TikTok’s “Repost” button makes it a breeze to redistribute videos. Now, just follow these easy steps to share a video on TikTok:

First, launch the TikTok app on your mobile device, and navigate to the video you wish to repost.

In Step 2, after locating the video you wish to share with your followers, you should click the Share button located in the video’s bottom right corner.

Step 3 Now, head on over to Send to poop-up, and once there, you’ll notice a new “Repost” option next to your contacts; tap on it to use it.

Step 4
If everything went smoothly, you should see the Reposted info, and from there you can edit the caption massage before reposting.

TikTok’s Undo Reposting Process, Part 3

In spite of the fact that some users have found the new feature helpful, others have found the location of the TikTok repost button to be rather annoying, as it causes them to share videos that they had no intention of sharing.

Even if you accidentally repost something, you can easily delete it with a few clicks on TikTok.

Part 4 TikTok Reposts: How to Access Them

Is TikTok blocking you from watching reposted videos?

We’ve already established that reposts on TikTok don’t appear in your own feed. A TikTok video that you repost will appear in your friends’ For You feeds alongside a mention of your commend.

The only way to view reposted videos on TikTok other than through a friend’s FYP is because the app itself doesn’t provide that functionality.

Added information about the TikTok Repost function

One, you won’t get any likes on the reshared videos because they only count for the originals;
Second, the comments section remains on the original video even if the clip is reposted;
The third and fourth points are also only applicable to the video’s original creator:

To Sum Up

That wraps up the steps for removing a repost and reposting on TikTok. Do forward this post on to others if you find it useful. Want to learn more about using TikTok? Check out our blog post for more information on various topics, such as how to use TikTok filters, how to modify your clip length on TikTok >, etc.
The ability to repost is a standard feature of most social media apps. The original poster can be recognised while still having their work shared with others.

Recently, TikTok implemented their own reposting option, making it easier than ever to show your fans the videos you love. Look at this for instructions on how to use it.

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