Does Instagram’s Growth Depend on a Certain Number of Hashtags?

Instagram hash tags have become a prominent topic of discussion.

Finding the optimal quantity of hashtags may be a real pain for businesses trying to increase their Instagram views.

You may be wondering if you should use a small handful of really specific hashtags or a large quantity (like 30). What’s the point of using hashtags now, if they ever did?

Hashtags are always being discussed, and there’s a good reason for it.

Let’s delve in and find out how many Instagram hashtags are best for your company.

Try varying the number of hashtags you use on Instagram

There is a limit of 30 hashtags per Instagram post at the moment.

Yet, is it in my best interest to boost the number of followers? Experts are split on whether or not this is true; some think it is, while others advise using fewer hashtags for more effective effects. Which one do you pick, then?

The first thing you should do is try new things. Create a number of different groups using the same hashtags to see which one does the greatest job of tracking results.

Instagram Suggests Using between three and five hashtags every post

Instagram users, prepare to be surprised: the platform recommends employing a maximum of five hashtags in each post. To reduce spam, it’s important to use just a small handful of high-quality hashtags that accurately describe the content they’re meant to accompany. The adage “less is more” perfectly describes this situation.

Create the initial set of three to five hashtags you’ll use for the posts you’ll publish on Monday, for example, and give it a try.

Hashtags Per Post: 5-15

Make a second set of tags, this time with 5-15 members. On Tuesday, you’ll share your thoughts with this subset so that you may evaluate how they stack up against those of the first subset you surveyed on Monday.

Per-Post Limit: 30 Hashtags

Thereafter, compile the remaining 30 hashtags into a single group for use in Wednesday’s updates. The first group will participate in the experiment once more on Thursday, followed by the second group on Friday, and so on.

Using this rotation approach for a month will allow you to compare the results from utilising less, more, or the same amount of hashtags.

Instagram Hashtag Categories for Marketing

Different industries, and even different services or products, give each company its distinct identity. Although while using the right hashtags for your activity is a matter of personal preference, hashtags can be broken down into a number of distinct categories.

Now that you know how to count hashtags, it’s time to go deeper into the various types of hashtags you should employ:

  • Tags for a product or service
  • Hashtags that define your specific field
  • Hashtags designed to bring people together in a specific community
  • Using descriptive hashtags that accurately reflect the topic of your article
  • Tags indicating a specific location

Techniques for Investigating Instagram Hashtags

First, let’s discuss where to seek for useful hashtags for your social media updates. Here are three approaches to consider:

Make Use Of Instagram Hashtag Makers

Hashtag generators available online can help you find terms related to your field or specialty with minimal effort.

Entering keywords into the tool will generate a list of appropriate hashtags for inclusion in your articles.

Try out Instagram’s Explore Function

Insightful hashtag strategies may be found on Instagram’s Explore page.

Get the most relevant search results for your brand or content by using the “Top” results and searching for relevant keywords.

Keep track of the hashtags that are popular in these posts to determine if any of them may work for your content. It’s clear that the Instagram algorithm favours these posts.

Check Instagram for Hashtags

Instagram features a useful search function where you may look for hashtags that are connected to a particular term. When you input a phrase or word into Instagram’s search box, you may see a list of similar hashtags by clicking the Tags tab at the top of the box.

When doing a similar search on Instagram, the number of results will be shown under the hashtag. Determine which hashtags are popular and employ them to boost interaction with your audience.

Remember that the total number of posts using a certain hashtag is also a crucial measure.

If a hashtag has been used for millions of postings, yours is likely to be lost in the noise.

Where to Hide Your Hashtag List?

Almost everything in your post is complete, but not quite. A post that has twenty or thirty hashtags may become unreadable and mislead its followers.

How can you conceal your hashtags most effectively? What’s better, hiding them in the captions or the comments? Now, let’s examine a few of the choices that are in your hands:

Your Caption

The hashtags can be concealed from view by appending an ellipsis (a sequence of dots) or a sign () after the caption, which will cause the hashtags to appear underneath the “More” button.

Don’t forget to remove any unnecessary spaces after periods or Instagram dots. In such case, the line break will be rendered useless, ruining the overall impression.


Hashtags may be discreetly buried on Instagram by including them in the first remark. After publishing your article, you may add the hashtags to your post in a comment.

Lessons Learned

Instagram posts with relevant hashtags continue to receive a large amount of likes and comments from users. Hitting the sweet spot takes some experience, and more importantly, an in-depth understanding of how Instagram functions.

Take readings, do tests, and make attempts. If you want to know how many hashtags are best for your posts, this is the most reliable technique.
Use a wide array of hashtags for different types of content, such as industry, product/service, brand, etc. The more unique and diverse your hashtags are, the better.

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