How To Use Instagram To Expand Your Business In 3 Surefire Ways

Do you know that you may improve sales and brand awareness by using Instagram to market your products and services?

Instagram has become a treasure trove for companies and brands, with over 600 million active users per month. It’s hard to imagine that one of the world’s most utilised applications has only been operating since 2010, given how quickly its user base is expanding (100 million new users in only the previous six months).

Statistics show that the platform’s audience is the most actively involved of any major social media network. Not only that, but its engagement rate is higher than that of search, email, and referral traffic combined.

People on Instagram are also predisposed to make a purchase. Iconosquare found that 70% of Instagram users had searched for a brand within the app, and that 62% of those users follow brand accounts just because they enjoy seeing what they have to offer.

Therefore, reconsider joining Instagram if you own a company. Especially if you own an online store, you’re missing out on a huge cash stream by ignoring this.

1. Host contests and give aways

A sage once remarked, “You have got to spend money to make money.” It is still valid whether your company operates online or offline.

Free material is always appreciated.

Holding a contest or giveaway is an easy approach to increase your Instagram following and spread the word about your company. When executed properly, it not only produces crazy levels of engagement but also aids in expanding the visibility of a brand, which in turn increases business earnings.

There is logic behind why so many companies, both large and small, are doing it. You can count on it!

Promote a contest with a free prize. It may be the most popular item in your store, such a book or gadget.

In such case, you may simply require participants to tweet using a designated hashtag. You might also have them like or comment on the giveaway post and tag three friends.

However, remember that the more participation and discussion your contest inspires, the better for your company. Before releasing material, make sure you have enough people interested in it. Instagram advertising are another option for getting the word out about your contest.

Since your company’s good name is on the line, it’s important to spell out exactly what you’re giving away and how the winner will be chosen.

Do you need a working instance of this? Learn from Talalla Yoga’s example.

2. Have influential people endorse your company

Simply said, influencers are those who already have an established rapport with their intended audience. They command respect as experts in their field and may sway consumers to buy their wares.

83 percent of respondents to a survey said they trusted personal recommendations from friends and family more than they did commercials.

Imagine if someone with hundreds of thousands of followers endorses your goods or service. It will add tremendous value to your brand and the effects should be seen right away.

One helpful piece of advice is to only reach out to influencers you believe would truly be interested in what you have to offer. A fake endorsement from a popular person will affect your company’s reputation and sales.

Check out the subtle ways in which Iamgalla, an American Express ambassador, encourages the use of the company’s platinum card.

3. Steal your rivals’ fan base

Your company probably has rivals regardless of the market segment or sector in which it operates.

    Theft of your rivals’ Instagram followers is a clever approach to fast increase your following and generate more sales.

    People who are interested in your rivals’ products or services may also be interested in yours if they are similar.

    How can you take use of your rivals’ massive Instagram following to get the attention of your ideal customers? You may either follow them around or bring up the subject of the person in question to start a discussion.

    Warning: Excessive use of this technique might backfire. There is a daily restriction to the number of users you may follow or unfollow on Instagram, just like there is on any other service.

    Concluding Remarks

    Instagram has developed greatly; nowadays, it’s used for much more than simply trendy selfies. If you use it correctly, it may boost your brand’s legitimacy, social presence, and awareness, all of which contribute to increased sales and profits.

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