Do Instagram Pods Actually Work As An Engagement Hack, Or Are They Just A Fad?

Do you know what Instagram pods are? If you’re not familiar with the word, images of earphones or pods of dolphins may come to mind. Instagram pods, though, are something altogether different, and their efficacy is the subject of much discussion. Read on to find out what Instagram pods are, how they work, and if they’re something your company would benefit from being a part of.

Instagram Pods: What Are They?

A pod on Instagram is a sort of group DM that promotes interaction between users. In all likelihood, if you belong to a pod, things function as follows: The “pod” can consist of anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred persons from the same field, all of whom you will be communicating with directly. You should provide a link to your Instagram post in the group chat whenever you make one. Everyone in the group will then “like” your post and/or remark on it. In a similar vein, you’ll interact with their Instagram posts just as much as they do with yours.

In order to have your photos “boosted” to the top and do well, these Instagram engagement groups aim to assist you outwit the system by increasing your interaction. In order to receive as much exposure as possible for your Instagram posts, joining a pod might boost them to the Explore page.

Instagram Hotspots: Where to Find Them

You may use the internet to look for Instagram communities that could suit you. The Instagram Marketing Mastermind Pods group on Facebook is a wonderful place to start. Pods on Instagram are also commonplace on the messaging service Telegram. You may achieve the interaction you seek with the help of automation with this texting app. A bot will send your team a list of Instagram handles; your mission is to visit each account and comment on their most recent posts as soon as possible (within 45 minutes). Create a login and look for a pod related to your field on Telegram to join.

Is There Any Value to Using Instagram Groups?

It would appear that participating in an Instagram engagement group offers several advantages. The main advantage is straightforward: higher participation. Pod members will almost always respond to your updates, regardless of how many followers you have. The more people interact with your content, the more probable it is that your followers will do the same. With the hundreds of members that some Instagram pods have, you can be sure that your posts will receive a lot of attention.

Do more people use Instagram Pods now than before?

Since Instagram’s 2016 algorithm update, the use of pods has increased. Their popularity and effectiveness as a means of attracting new users has increased over the past few years. According to one survey, the number of pod-related postings increased from 7,000 in March 2017 to 55,000 in March 2018 to 100,000 in March 2019.

Other Proven Methods to Boost Instagram Followers

Fortunately, Instagram pods aren’t the only option for boosting your account’s activity. In fact, you don’t have to have them at all. If you want more people to interact with your Instagram posts, use these tried-and-true strategies.

Tag Your Posts

Hashtags are a great way to expand your Instagram following and interact with other users. For optimal results, use hashtags of a medium size and incorporate a few hashtags into the caption of each post. In a recent post, Krispy Kreme used a variety of hashtags, including #doughnuts, #Halloween, and the brand’s own #KrispyKreme, to increase engagement and awareness.

Put Up Video

Instagram videos have gone viral and won’t be going anywhere soon. Videos do better on Instagram, which is why brands and influencers frequently share them. Post videos (either included in the post itself or shared separately as Reels or IGTV) that your audience will find interesting and engaging. Trader Joe’s frequently posts instructional videos, such as this one for Dalgona Joe, which demonstrates how to brew Dalgona Coffee.

Don’t forget the “call to action”

Even if it’s only a question, your caption should encourage them to do something. In this Instagram post, KIND Snacks questioned its followers: “What kind of weekend warrior are you—would you rather relax at home or go on an adventure?” The firm solicited responses from its fans in the form of emoji.

Take use of Instagram’s Story features

The best location to boost interaction is on Instagram Stories. Your audience may engage with you like never before with polls, question boxes, and other interactive elements. One company that recognises the value of Instagram Stories is GoMacro. This company’s Instagram Stories feature a wide variety of content, including news pieces, TikTok videos, and the ever-popular “Ask An RD” series.


Finally, we recommend promoting your Instagram account on other social networking sites to boost interaction. Do those who follow you on Twitter realise that you also have an Instagram? Do you provide a link to your Instagram page in the credits of your videos on YouTube? Can you ask Facebook to help spread the word about your Instagram contest? People who already follow your business on other social media platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, are likely to want to follow it on Instagram as well.

Boost Instagram Comments and Likes

If, after considering the benefits and drawbacks, you decide that an Instagram engagement group is for you, go with a somewhat small pod. Smaller, more specialised pods (with 10-20 residents) can mitigate some of the drawbacks. Focusing on the other engagement tactics described here, however, can help boost your engagement rate and expand your Instagram account regardless of whether you join a pod or not.

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