Step-by-Step Guide To Instagram Photo Editing

When you visit an Instagram account, the feed is the first thing that catches your eye. That’s when and where you usually get your initial impression, which makes sense. It’s a result of both the selection of information and the aesthetic choices made.

But how can you make your feed look good and make people interested in your brand.

You can improve your Instagram photos with these design ideas whether you’re starting with a premade template or a professionally taken photo.

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Colours: palettes and contrast :

What hues come to mind when you think about McDonald’s?

Isn’t there Facebook?

And, Grab?

What these businesses have in common is that customers readily associate it with its trademark colours.

Palettes did a lot of rewriting on this paragraph.

Setting the tone for the aesthetics of your feed is facilitated by colour palettes. Most significantly, it aids in the rapid formation of first impressions among unfamiliar target groups. And the best way to achieve this is to retain a constant colour pallet. If you’re stuck and need a free tool to experiment with, consider giving Coolors a shot.

One other easy strategy is to make use of your brand’s colours, which is a safe bet. Maintaining a colour scheme for your brand makes it easier for new customers to become familiar with it. We understand how time-consuming (and perhaps even pointless) it is for you as a small business owner to always be picking your brand colours whenever you make a new post.

This is why it would be so much more convenient to have a platform that can save your colours. Confetto not only lets you make custom designs but also uses your brand’s colours and emblem. Shop Nost and The Therapeutic Co.-style quick and easy template selection and tweaking.


Another crucial factor that often gets overlooked is contrast. It’s important for your message (or items) to stand out, whether you’re using a professional shoot or making graphics for online use. You can’t have everything be the same colour, or even all the same tones of that colour. In cases like this, where a noticeable colour contrast would be quite helpful, we find:


If you’re using words in your designs, the typefaces you pick play a very crucial part in holding your audiences’ attention. The typeface you choose for your brand is just as important as the colours you choose.

Realize that there is no such thing as a “bad font,” simply bad combinations. Specifically, what typeface do you feel best represents you? Which typeface best represents your company? While composing a post and selecting a typeface, you should give some thought to the following considerations.

Nonetheless, there are several tried-and-true strategies for avoiding inappropriate combinations. One approach is to mix Serif and Sans Serif typefaces. The same may be said about pairing two San Serif typefaces.

Methods for Editing

Keep to one editing app, whether that’s Lightroom on your computer or VSCO on your phone. But first, you need be familiar with your brand’s look and the tool you’re utilising. You wouldn’t want your feed to seem sloppy because you neglected to remember the last time you updated an image.

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