Reasons Your Instagram Ads Have Bombed So Far

Instagram is often seen as a waste of time, and not only by more conventional business owners and marketers. The truth is that many of Instagram’s one billion active users belong to companies like yours…You can’t expect to make it without some Instagram advertising advice.

Kicksta has it, and as a service and on this blog, we often provide Instagram marketing advice with our clients. However, we’re going to change things up a little today…

Instead of revealing our secret Instagram marketing sauce, we’ll be focus businesses from generating leads and closing transactions using the platform.

At its heart, we will explain why the vast majority of people’s Instagram marketing efforts fail from the very beginning. We certainly hope that this is something you haven’t had to deal with just yet, but if it is, there’s no time like the present to put things right.

The Quality of the Content You Publish Is Low

If you read enough of our blog posts, you’ll notice a common thread: we place a premium on high-quality material. We realise that we may be repeating ourselves, but we cannot stress enough the significance of consistently high-quality postings.

Instagram users often start the app, cruise through their feeds, and pause only when they come across something that piques their attention. You too have an Instagram account; you post similar photos, right?

No one will take the time to check out your company if you don’t provide interesting and engaging visual content.

Second, you haven’t been posting regularly.

Do you remember the early days of business blogging, around the year 2005? Companies of all stripes and in all fields have created blogs; maybe you’ve even engaged your contents.

However, when blogs weren’t making money right away, everyone’s posting rates dropped and the blogs were left to gather virtual dust in their own isolated corners of the Internet.

Whatever you do, protect your Instagram from the same fate.

We could go into great detail about the analytics, but the upshot is that companies should plan on publishing 1.5 updates every day, on average.

Thirdly, You’re Misusing Hashtags

In 2012, a lady made headlines for giving birth to a kid she called “Hashtag Jameson.”

Whether you adored the term or shook your head in bewilderment, you had to admit that it perfectly captured the spirit of the phenomenon that had swept the world of social media: the hashtag.

Even if fewer 2020 babies will be named “Hashtag,” the digital marketing tool’s significance is more than ever before, notably on Instagram.

Misusing hashtags on Instagram is a surefire way to tank the marketing efforts of a startup company. The logic behind this is straightforward: hashtags are crucial for more modest accounts seeking specialty, hobby, or industry recognition.

Additionally, although one or two hashtags may enough when tweeting, 11 or more hashtags are recommended when sharing to Instagram. According to data shown in an infographic by QuickSprout, postings using this many hashtags have an engagement rate of approximately 80%.

You’ve Spent Money to Boost Your Instagram Following

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation (SEO), the phrase “black-hat” is commonly used.

We’ve taken this term and applied it to what far too many companies consider a wonderful strategy to rapidly grow their Instagram accounts: purchasing followers and “user” interaction.

You’re not fully invested in Instagram (5 reasons)

The customary practise is to save the best for last.

This is the most significant cause of early failure for Instagram for business efforts, though there are others. The key is total dedication.

Which Side Are You On?

Isn’t that an excellent inquiry? But, really, what’s your Instagram status?

All of the above should be considered whether your Instagram marketing has failed in the past or you’re just starting started. If you put these Instagram marketing tips into practise, you’ll soon understand the platform’s appeal.

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