An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Videos

Nothing compares to a video if you want to improve your social media presence. A video has a higher chance of engaging your audience on Instagram than an image does. It goes without saying that marketers are using this Instagram function to expand their audience. Follow these five easy steps to post your own video content on Instagram and raise your social engagement rate if you don’t want to fall behind.

Knowing the Various Types of Instagram Video Content in-feed videos and stories

Your feed or your tale are the two options for how to present your video content. If you put something in your feed, it practically becomes permanent unless you take it down yourself. Your story’s material is only accessible for 24 hours before it vanishes unless you add it to your highlights. You can feature gifs, boomerangs, or longer videos on your account, either on your story or your feed. Choosing the location for the video’s inclusion is the first step in creating it.

Live streaming

In addition to these two types of videos, Instagram now lets you go live, where you may use the app camera to transmit a live video feed. Two accounts can run live video streams concurrently at once. Because of this function, several firms have been able to communicate with their target market or launch new products during the pandemic, when most people were essentially working from home. Instagram displays these videos on its stories with a live icon while live streamings last for up to 4 hours. During the live stream, you will be able to see your viewers at the top of your screen.

Instagram TV

Instagram’s video platform became so successful that a dedicated category of videos called IGTV, or Instagram TV, was introduced a few years ago. Users have grown to love this particular category, especially because it promotes imagination. A 60-minute in-feed video format called IGTV is available. The first few seconds of your IGTV can also be featured in your feed with a link to the IGTV tab. The recording procedure is another element that distinguishes IGTV from other in-feed video in addition to the duration difference.

Reels on Instagram

With the help of the app camera or previously recorded films, users are encouraged to create engaging content in this video category, which was inspired by Tiktok. To make your videos intriguing and immediately engaging, Instagram offers a variety of filters and effects (texts, timing and speed adjustments, audio AR filetrs, and more). Reels provide you the same ability to tag products, add descriptions, and hashtags as the in-feed videos.

Select the Appropriate Video Layout Format

Making the appropriate video format choice is crucial to the success of your Instagram strategy. Once you’ve chosen where to post your video, select the layout in accordance with that decision. Instagram videos meant for your feed should be formatted squarely (in line with the feed layout), whereas films intended for your story should have a vertical layout with a 9:16 aspect ratio. The impact the proper format can have on your video engagement will astound you.

Video Length

Choose the video duration based on whether you want your video material to appear in the feed or the article. The tale length is substantially less than the video length, which on the feed can last up to 60 seconds. So in theory, you have considerably less time to hold your audience’s attention with a tale or reel. Make sure that every second counts. The content duration is also significantly greater on IGTV or live. Therefore, choose the category and participate with emphasis in accordance with your objective.

Edit your video

An essential step in creating a video is editing. For a better presentation, you must make sure the video is correctly edited after it has been recorded. You can add animations to your video using a variety of online video editors, among other features.

Your video’s appeal rises with the addition of sound or music, text, and other animations. The right ambient music is essential for engaging your audience. If it’s a voiceover, write a screenplay that is succinct and impactful.

Your video there

Choose the file from your phone or computer and send it to Instagram whenever you are happy with the video’s quality and are prepared to upload it. Considering that certain times of the day tend to yield higher interaction rates, you should be careful while posting the video.

To increase your social media reach and engagement, do some research on the optimal time to share your video content on Instagram and abide by our recommendations.

Best Practises for Instagram Videos

Three seconds, rule

The goal of Instagram videos is to establish an immediate rapport with your followers. You will need to develop a hook to draw in your viewer in the world of constantly scrolling thumbs. If your audience finds it interesting enough after the first three seconds, they will stay with it or move on to a more appealing proposition. Your opening seconds are the most important because these videos begin automatically playing in the feed. These few seconds are used to not only introduce the video to your audience but also to capture their interest in a way that makes them unable to scroll without viewing the material.

Recognise your target audience

Instagram videos can be instructive or entertaining. You must be aware of where you fall within this range. Always start with research, find out what your audience is looking for in your genre of material in order to better align your content with their expectations. Provide value in the form of humour, knowledge, original thought, entertainment, and more. How well your content speaks to your audience will determine your engagement rates.

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