An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising presents a wealth of options for businesses of all sizes to reach their desired demographics. Our business Instagram advice is available as well. The most affordable option is an organic social media strategy, but it takes more time and requires more trial and error to evaluate if it will work. That’s why it’s important to combine free and paid methods in your social media strategy. While organic reach and engagement through social media marketing are important, paid advertising is what will really get you where you need to go.

However, as more and more businesses sign up for Instagram, the feeds of its users get increasingly crowded. This makes it more challenging to differentiate oneself from the rivalry. By 2020’s conclusion, it’s expected that 75.3 percent of all US-based businesses will be using Instagram for marketing purposes. In recent years, it has grown into a popular social networking platform for advertising and promoting online stores. Instagram has been helpful in finding new products and services for almost 83% of its users. Similarly, 81% claimed that Instagram played a significant part in learning about products and services, and 80% stated they relied on Instagram to help them make educated purchases.

Establish Why You’re Using Instagram for Marketing

Before you begin advertising on Instagram and creating your Instagram ad campaigns, you should carefully analyse what it is you hope to accomplish. Increased brand recognition and exposure are two examples that may apply to some people. Others may interpret this as a call to action to improve sales, website traffic, app downloads, or the number of people following a brand on Instagram. Defining your goals before launching an Instagram advertising campaign can help you focus on the proper audience, convey the right message, and encourage the desired behaviour.

Instagram Advertisers, Identify Your Intended Target Markets!

If you want your Instagram ads to be seen, you need to focus on the proper demographic and produce material that will actually interest them. You can narrow the focus of your Instagram ad campaign by selecting a specific audience or opting for automated targeting (allowing Facebook choose based on your demographics, location, behaviour, and interests). When using social media for marketing purposes, many businesses make the common mistake of trying to reach too wide of an audience. A common downside of this approach is a decrease in overall engagement and clickthrough rates.

Alternatively, you might try targeting a “Custom Audience.” This stands for communities of people who are already familiar with your brand.

Comparable Target Groups

When deciding who to show your Instagram advertising to, Lookalike Audiences are a great starting point. Customers like them are likely to convert because they are modelled after your current clientele. If you want to advertise on Instagram to people who are similar to those in an existing Custom Audience, you must first create the Custom Audience. A Custom Audience can be built from data collected from your mobile app, the Facebook Pixel, or your Page’s fan list. Facebook will look at their shared characteristics (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) and show the ad to people who fit that profile.

Shopify Ads on Instagram

About 65% of people who see a product or service they are interested in on Instagram will go on to learn more about it by checking out the company’s website or mobile app. Because of this, Instagram has become an excellent venue for online merchants. However, there hasn’t been a great way to direct Instagram followers to a company’s website or mobile app until recently. Since marketers can’t include links in the text of organic Instagram posts, they must instead refer users to the bio section of their accounts. In addition, every time they publish a new entry, the link must be revised.

However, Instagram formed a partnership with Shopify a few years ago, and the result was Instagram Shopping.

Monitoring Activity and Results

You can’t expect to achieve your advertising goal with a single digital marketing or advertising campaign. As a result, if you want to see any real results from your Instagram advertising, you’ll need to monitor, tweak, and optimise your ads constantly. The available options will vary based on the ad goal you select. For instance, you may see the total number of post-engagements for an engagement ad you’ve made.

The Importance of A/B Testing Instagram Ads

You can make sure you’re employing the most effective Instagram advertisements for your campaigns by running an A/B test. A/B testing, also known as a split test, entails contrasting two versions of the identical Instagram advertisement to determine which one generates better results. These findings can inform future Instagram advertising strategies. You may, for instance, guess that a targeted, personalised audience would respond better than a broad interest group. A simple A/B test can tell you if that is the case. You can do the same thing with two alternative Instagram ad formats—say, a single video ad vs a carousel ad—to determine which one performs better.


Expand your audience, strengthen customer loyalty to your company, promote your Instagram business page, and get real results with the help of eclincher’s Instagram advertising platform. While there is no silver bullet for creating a successful Instagram advertising campaign, you may improve your chances of success by adhering to these guidelines. In a short amount of time, you can implement your social media plan, expand your business, and see tangible results when you choose eclincher as your social media management platform.

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