An Ultimate Guide To Get More Views On TikTok

Almost one billion people use TikTok each month. Yet you might be wondering where they are if you’re new to TikTok.

This is the article for you if your videos are sitting alone by themselves and unappreciated.

How to Increase TikTok Viewing by TikTok algorithm

The first step to learning TikTok, like any social media networks, is to comprehend its robust algorithm.

These are some important lessons for TikTok:

  • The TikTok algorithm considers your language, geography, interactions, and the kinds of content you engage with to select the films you’ll view on your For You Page. (Therefore, if you watch a lot of dancing challenge videos, you’ll probably see more of that.)
  • The most popular videos on TikTok are those that are only a few seconds long (15 seconds or less). The algorithm will favour your content less if you release lengthy videos and viewers stop watching. Try to draw the viewer’s attention and concentrate in the opening 15 seconds of longer videos if you wish to post them.
  • The system takes into account details like your following, comments, video likes, shares, and other actions like duets when you publish a video.
  • Trending material is given priority by the algorithm. By using popular hashtags, songs, sound effects, and themes, you may make your work more likely to go viral.

2. Duet With a Popular Person

Doesn’t it sound like Mean Girls all over again? Everyone wants to befriend the well-liked accounts.
Popular TikTok accounts actually gain popularity because they are exposed to more users and have more followers, likes, and comments. Your lonely video is currently occupying the lunch table in the back by itself.

How do you increase your TikTok profile while sitting with the cool kids?

To do this, you may duet with a well-known person.

3. Stick to your hashtag plan

What hashtag strategy, you ask?

This doesn’t have to be large, so relax. It just entails strategically utilising TikTok hashtags to achieve your social media KPIs. (Our 2023 guide to TikTok marketing has more information about TikTok KPIs.)

Before you start using hashtags, you should primarily ask yourself the following questions:

  • What use does my TikTok account serve? Maybe it’s just for fun, and you want to show off a lighter side of your company.
  • Whom am I attempting to contact through this account/video? What are the characteristics of your target audience in terms of age, region, preferences, and purchasing power?
  • What does this video hope to achieve? to obtain a targeted audience interested in your product or service and gain widespread visibility on the platform.
  • What are the following steps for your viewers? Think about whether you want people to buy something, share it, follow you, comment, or like anything.

4. Take part in hashtag competitions

Particularly in relation to TikTok Hashtag Challenges, hashtags are crucial to the TikTok ecology.

In TikTok, there are trends called hashtag challenges that begin with one person or company and spread like wildfire, inviting everyone to participate. Sports challenges like the #PlankChallenge are among them. Couples challenges, cooking challenges, cosmetic challenges, transformation challenges, and pretty much anything in between are all included. There is always more than one challenge popular on TikTok at any one time, and they always have their own hashtag that you can use if you’re participating.

5. Work with more influencers

Engaging in influencer or micro influencer marketing strategies is a definite way to increase your TikTok views. A wonderful strategy to broaden your audience on TikTok and associate yourself with powerful people is to collaborate with influencers.

But without a budget to entice them, how can you collaborate with TikTok influencers?

Let’s examine some free strategies for obtaining TikTok influencers

Learn about the TikTok Creative Marketplace. You can look for Creators to collaborate with your business or campaign using the new Creator Marketplace. Through the TikTok Creator Marketplace, corporate partners can already connect with over 500,000 creators across 24 countries and regions. Some will receive payment, some won’t. For inspiration as a creator, look there.
Search with filters. Several performance indicators, audience demographics, video subjects, and other factors can all be used to choose the perfect creator.

How to Acquire More TikTok Followers:

Be genuinely you!
TikTok is a platform for originality, humour, and sincerity. As an entertainment site, it has carved out a place for itself, and viewers go there to be amused.

According to Flamingo Group’s Authenticity, Happiness and Joy research for TikTok, “Authenticity is the key to brands succeeding on TikTok.”

How to Increase TikTok Views After Posting

Clicking “publish” is only the beginning
It’s true that we at Agorapulse talk about this a lot. The social media journey doesn’t end when you upload a post or a video. This also holds true for TikTok. There are various things you can do once you hit post if you want more TikTok views.

Email it to someone. Why not share your favourite TikToks with your dedicated email list if they have given their consent? If you have a significant announcement to make or a limited-time promotion, this is very beneficial. In the event that they were unable to attend, you can also share event TikToks with your database. Send a TikTok link to your audience via email, and urge them to follow you for future updates.

As a result

It is absolutely possible to increase TikTok views organically with the correct blend of planning, originality, and cross-promotion. In reality, TikTok is quickly evolving into the best platform for creative individuals.

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